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Runner2Runner Programs

Our mission:  Runner2Runner provides running programs for youth. 

We offer age appropriate instruction for cross country, track and field, camps, and off season training.  All programs focus on safe, progressive training for all athletes, including core and stability work.

  • Establish teams comprised of boys and girls
  • Personalized, progressive workouts
  • Establish and build athleticism
  • Guide athletes through competition
  • Instill confidence to excel at life’s challenges and embrace leadership roles.
  • Promote life-long dedication to healthy living. 

Runner2Runner is proud to partner with Every Kid Sports so that every athlete has a chance to play!everykidsports stacked Email

              Every Kid Sports helps athletes from income restricted families play youth sports


                             APPLY FOR EVERY KID SPORTS PASS

                    Every Kid Sports will contact you directly via email regarding approval process

Cross Country (XC)

Runner2Runner teams train in area parks and compete in local meets (if available). 

Training and race distances range from 1000 - 3000m, depending on age of athlete & location.

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Track and Field / Run - Jump - Throw!

Runner2Runner teams learn age appropriate events and compete in local meets (if available).

Run - Jump - Throw is our Track and Field events but at a local park

Our athletes learn discipline, progressive training, overall fitness utilizing multi planar movement, and nutrition in an encouraging and fun environment leading these youngsters to positive and healthy lifestyle habits.

Events (may not be offered in every location)

Sprints:  60m, 100m, 200m, 400m

Mid–distance:  800m, 1,000m, 1500m, 1600 and/or mile

Distance:  3,000m

Relay:  4 x 100m / 4x 400m

Turbo Jav (safe, lightweight alternative to regular javelin) Softball Throw or Discus

Long Jump / Standing broad jump

Introduction to High Jump, Hurdles, Discus/Shotput (if equipment and coaches are available)

Don’t see a Runner2Runner team located in your area?   Contact us!

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Runner2Runner+  (Private coaching)

R2R+ is a program within Runner2Runner which offers private 1 on 1 coaching, as well as group training for teams and individuals year round 

Read more about R2R+ here

Cancellation policy:

  • 14 days prior to the first day of practice:  $15 fee 

  • 13 days prior to the first day of practice:  50% of registration fee refunded 

  • Once season begins there will be no refunds. If the season is shut down due to CDC/local restrictions, practices will be postponed and/or remaining practices will be issued in store credit for a future season.

Email howard@runner2runner.com

The Runner’s Bag Checklist

The following items should be in your bag:

Tip: pack your bag at night, so it is ready to grab on your way out the door in the morning!



Snacks – Granola bars, fruit or vegetables, NO JUNK FOOD OR SUPER-SWEET DRINKS

Trash bag – For trash and sitting.


Rain gear – Top and bottoms, fleece bottoms do fine!

Uniform –running top with black shorts


Umbrella or tarp

Water bottle

Sun glasses


Dry change of clothes.

Please leave valuable electronic devices at home!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Weather cancellation policy

Safety is our #1 concern so we do cancel due to weather (heavy rain, thunderstorms, ice, extreme heat - If it's a little rainy we would still host practice. Update on cancellations will be given up to 2 hours before practice. Coaches will send email/text updates. 

My child has never run before, is there a place on the team for them?

YES! Our teams are open to all runners, beginners to experienced! Our goal is to introduce running positively and progressively to all athletes, instilling a lifelong passion for running and fitness.

 Is my child required to be at every practice?

We would like to see our runners at all our practices but realize that school and other commitments may prevent your athlete from attending every practice. 

Please inform the coaches if your child is a 2 or 3 sport athlete or if they are also working with another running team or private coach. We will make every effort to coordinate your athlete’s workout to prevent overuse injuries.  We want to keep each runner healthy and ready to run!

When are the meets and do I have to run?

 All meets are subject to location -  Athletes are encouraged but not required to run at meets.

How do athletes get to practice?

Athletes must provide their own way of transportation

What shoes should I wear or buy?

Visiting your local running store to have a running shoe specialist evaluate your young runner's running style and the appropriate shoe for them.  Laces are better than slip ons. If you do not have running shoes, shoes that are worn for gym (such as cross trainers) will be adequate for practice.

Runners may consider purchasing spikes or other competition specific shoes.

 What kind of clothes should I bring/wear for practice?

Pack for weather! Hot or cold weather, rain, sun, plus a plastic bag in each sports bag for wet and muddy clothes/shoes.  Please see our athlete’s packing list.

 Should I eat a snack before practice or meets?

Runners should consume a light snack-1 ½ - 2 hours before practice or meet. Please avoid dairy, sugar, and high fat foods. It is very important for our runners to hydrate during the day, please make sure they drink plenty of water prior to practice!


Any other questions? Please email Howard@Runner2Runner.com 

Safety Rules for Track and Field

Track & field can be dangerous sport.  People running at full speed can put a dent in you rather quickly.   The shot, discus, and javelin were not, in fact built specifically for track & field.  They were Greek weapons of war.  They can hurt you.  With these things in mind we offer the following safety tips:

1.  Always look both directions before crossing the track or any runways.

2.  DO NOT WALK ACROSS THE FIELD WHERE FIELD EVENTS ARE BEING THROWN.  Be extremely careful anywhere near the shot, discus, or javelin areas.  Only those athletes working out or competing in these events should be in these areas.  Save social time for later when your friends can concentrate on you.

3.  Athletes participating in field events must understand that their implements can be dangerous and are not toys.  They will observe safety guidelines set out by their field coach or otherwise be asked to leave practice.

4.  Do not go onto the field unless your event group is working out there.  This means that you should go around the outside of the track to get from one side to the other.

5. If running on a street, always run with a partner and coach and always look before you cross the street.  Always run against traffic.  No headphones allowed!!

6. On the track:

•Warm up in the outer lanes.  During workout, if you run up behind a runner, yell “track” so they know to move to the outer lane and out of your way.

∙Do not cut in front of people while they are running.  This can lead to injury to you and the other runners involved.

∙ No headphones!

Please read and discuss with your athlete. 

Program Location Maps, by State

Click here for a visual guide to all R2R programs by state!

Athlete Consent Form

Click here to view / download the Runner2Runner athlete consent form.