Lil’ Striders is an introductory running program for youth boys and girls. Our athletes learn discipline, progressive training, overall fitness utilizing multi planar movement, and nutrition in an encouraging and fun environment leading these youngsters to positive and healthy lifestyle habits.

Lil’ Striders typically practice 1 to 2 times a week for 1 hour (per practice).  We provide a fun and engaging curriculum, certified coaches, equipment and practice insurance.  All of our experienced coaches (85% former collegiate athletes) undergo background checks, SafeSport classes and are insured by USA Track and Field. 

Lil’ Striders provides a fun and creative atmosphere for children allowing them to forge new relationships with others, encourage self-growth all while building important athletic movements.  We introduce running techniques with positive reinforcement games, which strongly encourage children to use their intellect, communication and leadership skills. Additionally, children learn the importance of patience and perseverance toward goals as well as an introduction to competition.

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